sam treats- september 30,08

Monday, September 29, 2008

sam treats
for everyone
its samantha 3rd birthday coming soon and i dont know what to give for presesssss...Ops!..i already did....hehehehehe gawd i dont know i just cant probably wait for that day all of the presesssss were open and use. when it comes to shopping -it is an excuse hehehehe.....
i got her this electronic piano from fisher price for $149 which is really good and she loves it. it can be attach to the tv and has games to play and do some freestyle- its fun the dodgeball hehe...., i also got her adidas sneakers for she needs upgrade so that she can keep up with me on walking., i also bought her this my little pony blanket and tru pillow from target -its on sale., and got her coloring pens on brush which is really good no mess and no drips and its washabale.
october 2 is her birthday and i didnt really plan on doin anything special. her first birthday was a bit hard preparing food as i do it alone and then last year i just ordered it-it cost so much and the foods just all goes to waste. so this year im thinking of just a small get together with a friend rhiza and her family in the city, as well as taking samantha to an animal park in goldcoast with my inlaws.
anyways she get treats every single day .....whats important is she's happy and healthy.
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